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Just say to your self ‘I’m a writer’ grab a glass of water and go start writing. ) https:// Independent Freedom Creative/ If you enjoyed this post, CLICK HERE and I’ll make sure you receive my newsletter, so you’ll not miss out on future giveaways or blog content.I’d love you to share this post with any creatives you know!

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You can use them as ideas, drop them in a folder (I use Scrivener) for later. It can be alien invaders landing on the wrong planet, through to a fairy prince coming across a tower in the woods with a princess locked in. ***** If you’re still struggling with embedding your writing habit, go have a look at my 28 day online course ‘No More Excuses’ I’d love to hear how you write your way through your creative sticking points.

Why not share one of two on social media, they can be great conversations starters and help you build your tribe. OK the second one may have been done already but you get the idea. Watch the body language of a couple disagreeing in a store. https:// https:// (A few of the services I use to bring this free content to you.

It’s exactly this flow state that attracts us to the craft of writing – it’s what sends a shiver down our spine when we write. You can’t force your way into it, and the harder you try to fore it, the harder it becomes to access that state.

That’s why staring at a blank page can often make your blockages even worse.

A broad definition of creative writing would be something along the lines of “an open and imaginative form of writing in which the author freely expresses their unique thoughts and feelings”.

It is the focus on authenticity, imagination, and expression which separates creative writing form other forms.

They’re designed just for you, to defeat those doubt demons and enable you to write through any blocks, and produce a piece of writing.

It’s amazing how once your pen (or keys) get busy, so do your creative cells and these prompts can not only inspire you to just write something, they may actually inspire you with ideas to add in to your book / WIP (Work in progress) or even a new story altogether. Think about a fight you had, with your partner or colleague.

Jeffrey Archer says he gets up early, ‘goes to work’ in his office and writes for two hours. Has a lunch break then writes for two hours, tea break another two hours writing. Now, I know, you may not have that time, especially if you’re hustling more than one job, but you need to have personal writing time and discipline.

If you want the rewards, whether that’s money, sales, lifestyle, just fulfilling your creative ambition and using your writing as nourishment for your soul, you need to write.


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