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It tried to explain the factors that are responsible for the determination of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services.Initial name give to the subject was Political economics.

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Students are much more involved than if simply being passive note-takers; they are encouraged to participate actively and develop their own views on the topic and in the process enhance their analytical, critical, and verbal skills.

Through these assignments,‘topping-up’ exercises and continuous positive, honest feedback, tutorials offer the opportunity to improve students’ self-confidence and general approach to their work.

A total of 10 graded problem sets were assigned during the semester.

Each one covered approximately one week's worth of new material.

The suggested assignments in this manual were written to provide the high school economics teacher with ideas for projects and exercises that students might do as homework or as long-term activities.

They range from very simple assignments that should take only a few minutes of the student's time, to projects that might require several days or an extended period of time.In terms of difficulty, they range from very easy descriptive types of assignments to those that call for careful thought, research, and analysis.Teachers can select those activities that are suitable for a particular class, group, or individual.Most of the time requirements are not clear, and that adds to the pressure of turning in the assignment on time.Our tutors are experienced Economics assignment experts with vast experience.An index of economic concepts and topics concludes the document.Assigments are given to students on a regular basis and discussed during tutorials.Economics is a very cumulative subject and thus there are large benefits from getting the basic material sorted out immediately.The tutorial system provides an excellent opportunity for quite intense discussion and questioning by both sides intended not simply to reinforce material covered during lectures but to think in more depth about the wider dimensions of the topic, thereby realising that Economics is a very live subject.However, in the late 19th century economists changed it to just economics; considering its wide application.Economics analysis can be applied to many other fields including business, society and healthcare.


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