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In fact, a recent survey reported that nearly 60% of millennial consumers named email as their preferred channel to receive marketing communications from retailers. 😉 With Black Friday in the back view mirrors and the holidays at the forefront, it’s important to have well-designed email strategy to make your business stand out in your subscribers’ inbox.

To give you some inspiration, we created an email case study that dives into the strategies of three ecommerce brands, pulling out the top takeaways and best practices.

Result: The USP of the campaign was, they selected email subscribers who did not open their previous emails.

This group of subscribers became overnight customers.

Clothing retailer producing a collection of casual wear & accessories for men, women & children that come from their Japanese values of simplicity, quality, and longevity.

In examining the email marketing for both companies, I created accounts for each site in order to start receiving their marketing communications. e-commerce continued to grow in Q3 2017, and Q4 is shaping up to be even better with the holidays just around the corner.The most productive way a company can capture consumer attention is through email marketing.This generated an open rate of 18.1% As a personal way of communicating, email marketing ensures your message is put in people’s mind instantly.By using the right software, you can get meaningful insights on customer’s behaviour to track customers.You need to devise mechanisms to store customer and subscriber data.There are a number of solutions to achieve this – email automation tools, CRM tools, forms, excels etc.Result: Johny Cupcake ran a tailored product campaign by designing a separate email for customers who had shown interest in baseball. · 42% increase in CTR · 123% increase in conversion rate · 141% increase in revenue per campaign.Situation: Pet retailer Doggyloot is a dog centric flash sale website.They needed to have to strategize right to ensue they’re emails were being read and were relevant to the people receiving them.Action: They needed a very detailed database from their subscribers.


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