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The interfaces are built on the intuitive knowledge of the objects of the physical world that people have. Novel Report on the game V Archery V-Archery is a game that is played by more than one players and it measures the ability of the game users to make precised aims at the target.

The game player is referred to as the archer, and participates by stringing the bow. The game is linked to archery, which is considered as one of the three offensive skills that are weapon based.

Orson Scott Card, in Enders Game, and Aristophanes in “The Clouds” show two characters that could not, on first blush, seem more different: Ender is a child in a space-age semi-dystopia, and Pheidippides, a young Athenian jock.

Yet they both actually have many significant similarities, upon closer inspection. Novel Interaction Game for Kids [School Overview Tangible Interactions refers to innovative forms of human interactions based on the physical manipulations of everyday objects (Ishii and Ullmer, 1997).

In the present day scenario, the physical strength and fitness of the fighting forces is given more importance.

Soldiers execute the war-plans drawn up by the commanders, for whom planning war-strategies is the mind game.Tangible interaction encompasses the use of physical tokens as user interfaces and provides physical manipulation of things which are common to people in order to create a Tangible User Interface.The formed Tangible User Interface basically refers to a given interface whereas people interact with digital components and information by use of the physical environments.Ender is unable to grasp the real meaning of his final game, until the damage is done.The first game that Peter makes Ender play is the simple one which the kids know, “buggers and astronauts.” In this game Peter makes known his hatred for Enders by inflicting physical pain on him as the game is in progress, and this is the one game Ender is unable to win. Peter gives his estimate of the plan thus: “With Ender, we have to strike a delicate balance.The story throws light on science fiction elements often using phrases like gravity manipulation, buggers, two previous bugger wars, colonizing other planets, a global military organization etc.The question of survival has been the issue of top priority for the humankind and it is necessary to take all possible measures to achieve that objective.Ender is unable to come to terms with the changes that continue to happen in life.No authority exists to check the scientific discoveries that will have devastating consequences on the survival of humankind.But in the Ender’s game planning the war strategies has reached the next stage.The readers are given to understand that, “We are the Third Invasion."(250) The mind has evolved into higher dimensions.


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