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As the thesis projects are all different, the roles are not defined in more detail in this document.Nevertheless, it is necessary to discuss and define the division of the duties between the student, the advisor(s), and the supervisor when the thesis project is started.Designation of the thesis supervisor and advisor must be done in compliance with the Aalto University policy on disqualification, available on Inside.

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Working at Aalto University Financing can be arranged via research project (or with scholarship procured by department).

In this case, the topic is determined according to the needs of the project, and the salary according to collective agreements.

Set an appointment with the supervisor for the starting meeting.

The degree programme committee of the School of Chemical Engineering approves the topic and the language of the master’s thesis, and appoints a thesis supervisor and one or two thesis advisors for it.

This means that will not receive any healthcare or other benefits.

Naturally you are still able to use services offered to students.Depending of the thesis, the company pays a compensation to the department (testing costs etc.).Notice that it is always recommended to invite a professor (or another representative of department) to negotiations.Projects can be inquired from professors (or researchers).Stipendum Diploma work can also be funded with a stipendum.Also, it should be agreed how the student will communicate the progress of the work to the advisor(s) and the supervisor.Neither the supervisor nor the advisors may be a relative of the student, or biased in any other way.The thesis advisor may also be an Aalto University researcher or doctoral student specialising in the field of the thesis.The advisor’s tasks include giving advice on practical work during the thesis project, as well as instructing writing the thesis report; however, the advisor is not responsible of grading the master’s thesis.The Student Services of the degree programme informs the student of the decision by the Degree Programme Committee , issues the student with a copy of the thesis supervisor’s statement, and enters the data into student register During the master’s thesis project, the student cooperates with a supervisor and one or two advisors.The student works during the thesis project independently, with the supervisor and advisor(s) offering support; ultimately, the student her/himself is responsible for the successful completion of the master’s thesis project.


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