English Language Coursework Representation Production Piece

English Language Coursework Representation Production Piece-89
Secondly is Child Language where students learn how children acquire their mother tongue, with the aid of different theories and explanations – for example, the age-old debate of whether language is a result of nature (innate) or nurture (learned).Candidates are required to write essays on either one of these topics.

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The exam is split into two sections; linguistic analysis, and language issues, which is a recurring theme throughout the exams of the course.

Discovering Language introduces students to AS grammar and analysis, so be expected to remember and understand a number of linguistic terms. The main idea here is political correctness, and what part language plays in it all.

The formal mark scheme is divided into Assessment Objectives.

AO1 (out of 16) - Clarity of writing, incorporation of accurate terminology and understanding of the intricacies of the language.

Appropriate ideas need to be selected and adapted to fit the audience and purpose of the production.

After this, students must complete a small linguistic commentary on their own production.It's 1500-3500 words long, excluding data, so can be moderately lengthy.There is a written exam option for in EA4W instead of the research project coursework; 2.5 hours' worth of analysis of (a selected sample from some) given texts, using hypotheses you develop yourself.Like many A Level subjects, English Language A Level is nothing like its GCSE counterpart.It is challenging at times, and requires a knowledge of terminology.The second part of the exam is called Language Production.Using a number of provided texts, candidates have to extract main ideas and opinions and formulate their own piece of writing from them.Highly pressured, but generally grade boundaries are fair. Part A: Text Varieties Using the knowledge accumulated in your AS year, you will be given 6-7 texts and asked to group them on their content.The time allotted looks like a lot, but it really isn't enough, so you have to be pretty focused. The synoptic paper follows a pretty constant format every year, but it is really heterogeneous and feels like every skill is being tested, even though each paper is centered on a single debate based on an article (generally) e.g. The criteria for each group is at your discretion; it is possible to group texts by a grammatical, graphological, contextual or phonological feature, which they all contain.This area looks at the linguistic representation of gender, age, ethnicity, disability, and sexuality.There are some theoretical ideas to back up the module, such as the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis of Linguistic Determinism.


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