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It also seems dumb to me that we invaded a country for torturing and killing people but we were allowing something just as bad to go on in our own country.Just because you do not like something does not give you the right to destroy it in the most horrific foulest way known to man, I think that up to this day it is a sign of this country and the world that we have not learned to live and let live it is not until we can look back in hindsight that we can see out mistakes, but we can look back and in a way the people who hunt foxes are as bad as the Nazis who killed Jews they tortured and degraded them knowing there was nothing they could do about it in the same way they torture foxes.

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I may be accepted as an authority, as few have perhaps ridden in harder-fought hunting runs of all kinds than I-fox, stag, harrier, guanaco, ostrich, and suchlike-and I have had considerable experience with the beagles as well, on foot." In face of the testimony, and of the fact recorded by Brinsley Richards, in his "Seven Years at Eton," that a drag was successfully used at Eton half a century ago, it is absurd to pretend that it could not be used there again; but if further proof be needed, it is, fortunately, available in the following letter from Mr. It will be seen that the idea, very commonly held, that the drag-hunt is suitable only for those following on horseback, and that it would too severely tax the energies of boys running on foot, is absolutely erroneous.

"On the subject of Beagle Drag-Hunting at Schools, I think you will be pleased to know that we have owned and run a pack of beagles at this school for the last ten years on the lines that you suggest, and with the greatest success.

The two year course comprises of three components, two of which are assessed by a terminal exam at the end and one non-exam assessment in which you will produce a language investigation and a piece of original writing. The course is delivered by an experienced team of teachers who are all English graduates: Sir John Nelthorpe The Vale Academy Mr D Waite Ms S King Miss P Raven Mrs M Sullivan How Will I Be Assessed?

Textual Variations and Representations Two texts linked by a topic or theme, one of which will be a historical text One question analysing text one (25 marks) One question analysing text two (25 marks) One question comparing the two texts (20 marks) Children's language development A discursive essay on children’s language development, with a choice of two questions where the data provided will focus on spoken, written or multimodal language (30 marks) - Language Discourses Two texts about a topic linked to the study of diversity and change • A question requiring analysis of how the texts use language to present ideas, attitudes and opinions (40 marks) • A directed writing task linked to the same topic and the ideas in the texts (30 marks) Non-exam assessment (coursework): Language in action100 marks (20% of A Level)3,500 words Students produce:• a language investigation (2,000 words excluding data)• a piece of original writing and commentary (1,500 words total)With exciting text and data based sources of language, this course introduces the study of English in different forms and contexts.

It is not a sport it is sick and pathetic and needs stopping as soon as possible.

English Language A Level AQA's new A Level English Language offers opportunities for you to develop your subject expertise by engaging creatively and critically with a wide range of texts.Fox Hunting is when mounted huntsmen and women chase a fox with dogs or hounds (as they are called by hunters) which are trained to catch the fox and then rip it to pieces.It was not until the decline of falconry (training and using falcons for hunting: the breeding, training, and use of falcons or other hawks to hunt small prey and return from flight at a falconer's direction), in the 17th century that the first fox hunts, consisting of organized groups of hunters and their servants and hounds, were established in England.The problem is that in the 17th century people who had farms could be wiped out by a pack of foxes got hold of their chickens, but in today's technological world there are much more humane ways to stop this happening like putting up an electric fence or enclosing the chickens.Also many people believe that even if foxes do need to be killed there are more humane ways for this to happen than for them to be savaged by a group of hounds. Introduction Original Writing Coursework Sam Mort 11mcc 11.2.4 Mr Thorptracey Fox Hunting, Sport or Murder?Introduction I am going to do my piece of original writing coursework on something I feel strongly about.It is as wrong as gladiator fighting in the time of the Romans and I am sure that they would have claimed it was only a sport if someone had tied to stop that as well.Both morally and ethically fox hunting is wrong it is nothing but torture and anybody who tortures something or someone who cannot defend themselves I don't think is worth the dirt on my shoe.Not only does drag-hunting keep boys from tiring of the regulation game, but it is to the wind and endurance these runs give us that we owe the fact that we seldom, if ever, lose a match against the boys of our own size and weight. Conclusion they do to foxes is murder and to call it any think else would be to say that they do not have the right to life which I cannot agree to.I believe if you go out to hunt something down that has done absolutely nothing to you and then watch and see it get ripped to pieces and not do anything to stop it but enjoy it is sick I cannot get my head around it at all and I feel that anyone who can either justify or take pleasure from a defenceless animal getting savaged and not standing a chance needs help.


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