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The rape that Yeats describes is no ordinary rape: it is a rape by a god.Temporarily embodied in the majestic form of a swan, Zeus, king of the gods, consummated his passion for Leda, a mortal princess (Perrine 147).

The rape that Yeats describes is no ordinary rape: it is a rape by a god.

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Yeats opens with an example of brachylogia, brevity of speech.

His elliptical fragment, "A sudden blow," recreates the stunning impact and tension of the assault.

Rhetorical Figures in Leda and the Swan "Leda and the Swan," a sonnet by William Butler Yeats, describes a rape.

According to Perrine, "the first quatrain describes the fierce assault and the foreplay; the second quatrain, the act of intercourse; the third part of the sestet, the sexual climax" (147).

Statistics have shown that in the Supreme Court one-third of the people have been victims of some form of sexual harassment.

A member of Congress harassed one in nine of these persons!

In both stories the viewpoint Zeus's struggle for power over the other God's shows itself in Helen destroying Troy while in the story of "Leda and the Swan" illustrates the preexisting condition that led to the fate of Troy. To emphasize Nina’s OCD, Aronofsky exploits sound effects.

The rape of Leda is symbolic for the rape of Troy, because the question arises, "Was Helen really at fault? The answer is no, because ultimately it is Zeus's fault, but really no one can blame him for fate's manifestation which can be seen as his will. The movie opens with Nina dancing as the White Swan.

Yeats believed this defined the contrary motions evident in the repeating processes throughout history, portraying the uncertainty of chaos as time changes and Comparing Leda and the Swan and Leda's sister and the Geese The poem Leda and the Swan is about the rape of Leda committed by Zeus in disguise as a swan. Leda and the Swan is written four years after The Second Coming, by the same author, William Butler Yeats.

Because of what they have done, it sets history in motion. "Leda and the Swan" is a sonnet, one of the most precise forms of literature known.


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