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Basketball is played on a wooden floor 94 feet long and 50 feet wide at the college and pro levels, and on a court 84 by 50 feet at the high school level.You can score in soccer on goals and penalty and free kicks, and each goal is worth one point.

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In basketball, touching the ball with feet is forbidden and scoring is done using the hands.

Soccer uniforms consist of shorts and a polo-type jersey, while basketball uniforms consist of shorts and a tank-top jersey.

For instance, physical disruptive contact or individual results to a foul which is penalized by awarding the opponent player a free throw in if the foul is committed when the player was shooting.

Specific violations of the rules like unsportsmanlike conduct are penalized through issuing a technical assessment of the foul against players, team or personnel.

For example, while soccer typically uses a synthetic ball with black and white pentagonal sections, basketball relies on an orange leather or composite ball encircled with thin symmetrical lines.

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Soccer is played on a natural or artificial grass surface of up to 125 yards long and 65 yards wide.Technical fouls give the opponents a free throw in.The ball should be within the court during a regular play.When a team sends the ball out, the team loses possession to the opponent.The ball is referred to be out of court when it sprints across the borderline or come in to contact with a player who is outside the playing court.Soccer players typically wear cleats, while basketball players wear sneakers.Soccer is typically played outdoors, with an indoor arena version also available.Since class had eighteen men, each team involved nine players. Despite much shooting attempts and running, the players managed to score a single basket in the entire game.Basketball involves various rules which leads to fouls when violated.The team that scores more points in a competition is considered as the winning team.Basketball was invented in 1891 by an international YMCA training school physical-education instructor, James A. Naismith wanted to keep his students busy during the winter and thus wanted to develop a sport which could be played indoor during the winter.


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