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Dance in education can have a myriad of positive effects on students.Skills and abilities learned in a dance classroom can also be applied to all academic settings.

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This encourages them to think critically to solve problems in their own unique way. And they cannot be assessed on a standardized test. It is important for our students to leave school with a broad understanding of the world and its cultures.

Art classes expose students to art from all over the world.

In this climate, art educators need to justify our programs more than ever before.

How can we help people understand why art education is important?

It is believed that dance education can show positive effects in students as early as elementary school.

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In all areas of fine arts, performance-based tests require the student to physically demonstrate his or her abilities to the instructor. Dance organizes physical energy within time and space, and may draw from the power of music, literature, drama, and the visual arts.

It is a natural means of communication and expression that integrates movement, feeling, and intellect” (Ministry of Education, 1998).

Then schools could increase math or science instruction time. These skills help students well after the tests and schooling are done.

The argument that our classes help students achieve higher test scores distracts from the true value of art education.


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