Essay Criticism Part 3

Essay Criticism Part 3-77
However, contain poems of tender pathos, among them “Nelly Myers,” which commemorates a woman with an intellectual disability who lived with the Ammonses, and “Hardweed Path Going,” an elegy for Sparkle, the young Archie’s pet hog, slaughtered by his father. “She’s nothing but a hog, boy,” says the father as he holds the axe, but to the boy she is a friend, and her execution is horrifying: (1965), that Ammons developed the two central tenets of his poetics: that life is motion, and that there can be no finality of expression, no absolute vision. Enter your new information and click on Save My Changes.

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Bill enabled him to enroll at Wake Forest University, where he took English and premed classes and earned a B. The couple went to Cape Hatteras, where Ammons taught (and acted as principal) at an elementary school. There, for the first time, he found encouragement for his work, from the poet Josephine Miles (although he silently chafed at her poetic taste).

The Chicago poet John Logan was offering a correspondence course in poetic composition, and Ammons sent him the book.

He found an enthusiastic reader who understood his achievement: “I have read your book several times and I find it completely beautiful,” Logan wrote.

Meanwhile, he fretted that the short poems could not represent the grand inclusivity of thought and language to which he aspired.

And Ammons, who was musical, a fine pianist and singer, always worried about what sort of music the lines would convey.


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