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After that you’d have to manage the server, deleting logs, creating backups and always be on the lookout for the next surge of users that will get your site crashing in a matter of minutes.Things have changed a lot from those days and now you have better self-hosted platforms, better and bigger hosting, and you even get E-commerce Saa S providers like Shopify or Zento Shop that will get you started a lot faster.

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The technology is old news but it’s new to most developers as it’s but for a few years that services Like AWS Lambda or Microsoft Azure evolved to a point where they could offer their services for an affordable price.

AWS Lambda performance still needs to be monitored using a third party app to get proper reports and error alerts.

Those apps and the store need to be in constant communication both with themselves and with the warehouse to make sure all the orders are registered and the stock is updated.

That will require a server that can handle thousands of concurrent requests, and if you ever had the unfortunate chance to be on a team that developed a service like that you’ll know that scaling is not easy nor cheap.

Nobody can deny the fact that online stores have become a big part of our daily lives.

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I personally only do groceries shopping in traditional stores and shop online for everything else and by 2021 we will have an estimated of 2.1 billion users worldwide that do the same.They’ve managed to get their Dev Ops team down to 3 people, which for a business of this scale is amazing!Moving to the cloud will not only give you a competitive edge in terms of functionality and load speed, which for the end customer is a big advantage but it will allow you to cut costs.With that kind of numbers, you might think there would be a lot of online stores. The competition is fierce and with so many competing companies and service provider will try and find every piece of advantage that they can muster.It’s about one of those advantages that I’m going to talk today.The serverless community is still small(yet growing at a rapid pace) and before it’s globally accepted we’ll have to educate the developers.Luckily there are people who spearhead this endeavor and I urge you to follow and support their efforts.And while the platform itself can be cheap, you’ll end up paying thousands of dollars in hosting and setup fees plus paying for an agency or developer to make the necessary updates and changes to your store. Over the course of a year, you’ll have to make several updates to both the plugins and the platform and you’ll want to make those updates as they are vital to your website’s security.With the e-commerce software as a service (Saa S) providers, things are easier.For the past 20 months, Zalora hasn’t spent a dime on servers, running everything through AWS.They use EC2, Redshift, S3, and Lambda together to successfully manage every aspect of their business, from the stores and warehouse to the marketing automation.


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