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An important story that feels like it breathes a dose of virtuous oxygen right into readers' heads.

MOUNTAINS BEYOND MOUNTAINS Tracy Kidder RANDOM HOUSE ALSO BY TRACY KIDDER Home Town Old Friends Among Schoolchildren House The Soul of a New Machine FOR HENRY AND TIM KIDDER Deye mdn gen mon. Captain Carroll had only eight men, and they were temporarily in charge of keeping the peace among 150,000 Haitians, spread across about one thousand square miles of rural Haiti. A few weeks back, Captain Carroll’s men had fished the headless corpse of the assistant mayor of Mirebalais out of the Artibonite River.

I don't want The Road to Yuba City to see the light of day again.

Kidder has said that, unlike many other writers, he was not much influenced by his Vietnam experience: "Of course, whenever you're in an experience like Vietnam, it is bound to influence your work; it's inevitable, but I really don't think it greatly shaped me as a writer." His works for Atlantic Monthly include several essays and short stories about the Vietnam War, including "The Death of Major Great" (1974), "Soldiers of Misfortune" (1978), and "In Quarantine" (1980).

EFIOT, “THE DRY SALVAGES” CONTENTS PARTI Dokte Paul PART II The Tin Roofs of Cange PART III Medicos Aventureros PART IV A Light Month for Travel PART V Q for the P Afterword Acknowledgments Selected Bibliography Doklc Paul CHAPTER 1 Six years after the fact, Dr.

A seemingly impossible job, and yet, out here in the central plateau, political violence had all but ended. He was one of the elected officials being restored to power.Kidder wrote in a 1994 essay, "In fiction, believability may have nothing to do with reality or even plausibility.It has everything to do with those things in nonfiction.French has done a fine job of adapting Kidder's book for young readers, almost invisibly tinkering with the original storytelling while not dodging any of Farmer’s obsessive characteristics or forceful arguments.The power of the story, of the need to just get things done since there are always resources to tap if the cause is just, pours forth as Kidder intended. And right action is freedom From past and future also. Near the center of town there was a Haitian army outpost — a concrete wall enclosing a weedy parade field, a jail, and a mustard-colored barracks. Paul Edward Farmer reminded me, “We met because of a beheading, of all things.” It was two weeks before Christmas 1994, in a market town in the central plateau of Haiti, a patch of paved road called Mirebalais.Writing in 1997, David Bennett rated these three pieces "among the finest reporting to come out of Vietnam." Kidder's second book, The Soul of a New Machine (1981), was much more successful than his first.His account of the complex community and environment of programming and computer development won the Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction in 1982.I can't say anything intelligent about that book, except that I learned never to write about a murder case.The whole experience was disgusting, so disgusting, in fact, that in 1981 I went to Doubleday and bought back the rights to the book.


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