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The main source of coal is decomposed plant matter, and oil comes from decayed plankton, a microscopic sea creature. A drop of oil burned is a bucket of glacier melted.... The exact amount of chemical must be applied to break up the oil, if too much is applied, the remains may harm the environment. The understanding of the law of conservation of mass can be used to solve oil spills.Besides this disastrous outcome, carbon dioxide also acidifies the oceans, killing sea creatures and reducing the ability of ocean water to absorb this harmful gas.The conservation of fuel slows both the rate of atmospheric warming and ocean acidification, hopefully giving the Earth time to heal itself.One petroleum executive estimated in 2006 that there was enough coal in the Earth's crust to last about 164 years, enough natural gas to last 70 years and only enough oil reserves for 40 years.At that rate, a person in their teens in 2018 is likely to live to see the day when oil and natural gas reserves run out.However, there is a more important reason to conserve fossil fuels, and that's to help heal the environment.Burning petroleum, coal and natural gas fills the air with harmful pollutants, including nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, ozone and a host of hydrocarbons.Natural gas is also a by-product of decomposed plants and micro-organisms.Even though the use of fossil fuels is increasing in many countries, coal, oil and gas are still abundant in the Earth's crust.


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