Essay On Anti Corruption Laws

Essay On Anti Corruption Laws-59
Quite a few of the candidates in elections try to get votes in corrupt ways.Bribery is the most common form of corruption in different countries and societies.

A widespread dissatisfaction always prevails over such a society, and it ultimately welcomes a bloody revolution or a military coup.Today we find the above and several other forms of corruption all around.That is why we say that our society has gone corrupt.The government should try to improve (better) their economic condition by keeping the prices of things of daily use low and by increasing (raising) their salaries.The government should check, through law, all the banks and finance companies from misusing the money of the people.The masses become the victims of the greedy cops, absentee School teachers and medical staff in government hospitals. People start living on their illegal or tax evaded earnings, and the majority of politicians feel absolutely no shame at their defaulted loans.Reluctantly, the economy of the country gradually collapses.Political corruption during elections, bribery, and use of recommendation and connections to get jobs should be checked through strict rules and social reforms.This is what the Quaid-e-Azam advised us to do when he asked us never to allow favoritism and jobbery (corrupt dealing) in the country.We find so many people offering and giving money and things to government servants to get their work done.We see students giving money to the staff in the examination halls to copy, which can be called educational corruption.


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