Essay On Food For All With Green Revolution

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Because of low productivity there are widespread micro-nutrient deficiencies.

Though the state promises to raise the level of nutrition and standard of living by article 47, it hasn’t yet achieved its goal of reaching everyone.

These substances are harmful and can cause serious health problems.

Some of these problems may occur because some farmers may not know how to handle and dispose of toxic chemicals.

Even pesticides advertised as "green," are not necessarily 100% safe.

While many pesticides used in organic farming are safer than common chemicals we come into contact with every day, it is important to be careful.The Green Revolution program, which began decades ago, had a noble goal -- increase the global food supply and reduce world hunger.To accomplish this, farmers started to cultivate land using new farming techniques.However, after the Green Revolution changed the way people farm, rice field sustainability declined, even though rice yields increased.Causes for the decline include loss of biodiversity and fish deaths due to toxicity from pesticide use.Not only did food production increase, but statistics show that the production of maize, wheat and rice almost doubled between the 60s and 90s.Many of the pesticides used during the heady days of the green revolution (60s to 90s) are very toxic to humans and other non-target organisms.They may also harm the environment by using too many of those products.In traditional farming, farmers plant a variety of crops that typically have a large supply of unique genotypes.You can witness this problem in India, where about 75 percent of their rice fields contain only 10 varieties of plants.This is a significant drop compared to the 30,000 rice varieties that were planted 50 years ago.


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