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However, as he was fighting the debate, the class bell rang and he was unable to continue providing the teacher with his view.During the next class, his teacher disallowed any further discussion and instead presented a video which insinuated that homosexuality is a ‘choice’ or something ’caused by abuse and unhealthy relationships’.

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Accordingly, it reversed the denial of a marriage permit to a same-sex couple, unless the state could first demonstrate a “compelling state interest” that would justify limiting marriages to men and women. But in the meantime, the executive branch of Hawaii appointed a commission to examine the question of same-sex marriages; its report, by a vote of five to two, supports them.

The legislature, for its part, holds a different view of the matter, having responded to the court’s decision by passing a law unambiguously reaffirming the limitation of marriage to male-female couples.

But hopefully, this particular assignment will open the eyes of averagesmurf’s teacher – and if not, we just hope he’s inspired enough to write another 127 page piece on why he should be listened to.

Our courts, which have mishandled abortion, may be on the verge of mishandling homosexuality.

To most of us, the thought is unimaginable; to Sullivan, it is the daily existence of declared homosexuals. _____________ Sullivan recounts three main arguments concerning homosexual marriage, two against and one for.

He labels them prohibitionist, conservative, and liberal.No one knows what will happen in the coming trial, but the odds are that the Hawaiian version of the equal-rights amendment may control the outcome.If so, since the United States Constitution has a clause requiring that “full faith and credit shall be given to the public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of every other state,” a homosexual couple in a state like Texas, where the population is overwhelmingly opposed to such unions, may soon be able to fly to Hawaii, get married, and then return to live in Texas as lawfully wedded.He seems to pass over this obstacle without effective retort.Instead, he takes up a different theme, namely, that on grounds of consistency many heterosexual practices—adultery, sodomy, premarital sex, and divorce, among others—should be outlawed equally with homosexual acts of the same character.The New Testament contains an equally vigorous attack on homosexuality by St. Sullivan partially deflects it by noting Paul’s conviction that the earth was about to end and the Second Coming was near; under these conditions, all forms of sex were suspect.But Sullivan cannot deny that Paul singled out homosexuality as deserving of special criticism.It concerns a Colorado statute, already struck down by that state’s supreme court, that would prohibit giving to homosexuals “any claim of minority status, quota preferences, protected status, or claim of discrimination.” The U. Contemporaneous with these events, an important book has appeared under the title .” The two key areas where this change is necessary are the military and marriage law.Lifting bans in those areas, while also disallowing anti-sodomy laws and providing information about homosexuality in publicly supported schools, would put an end to the harm that gays have endured.(A fourth camp, the “liberationist,” which advocates abolishing all distinctions between heterosexuals and homosexuals, is also described—and scorched for its “strange confluence of political abdication and psychological violence.”) I think it easier to grasp the origins of the three main arguments by referring to the principles on which they are based.The prohibitionist argument is in fact a biblical one; the heart of it was stated by Dennis Prager in an essay in the (“Homosexuality, the Bible, and Us,” Summer 1993).


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