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Some people find horror interesting and fun to watch.

Some people find horror interesting and fun to watch.The story in most of the horror films is interesting.Horror movies, like roller coasters, like skydiving, and like BDSM, are all about controlling the uncontrollable: we allow ourselves to be hurt and scared within certain constraints because doing so allows us to feel, if only briefly, as though we have mastered pain and fear.

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Some cannot even sleep before they have watched a movie of this genre. One of the reasons why people enjoy watching horror is the story.

Others would not dare watch movies or even clips of this genre.

We sent each other ideas back and forth, exchanged plot treatments, and hammered out a first draft.

We called each other on the phone to watch horror movies together, called it research, listened to each other scream.

I thought about telling him that I was a coward, that I wasn’t strong enough to keep my promises, that I wasn’t ready to just Kristen Roupenian graduated from Barnard and holds a Ph D in African Literature from Harvard.

She is a Zell Fellow in the University of Michigan MFA program, and she has received numerous awards for her work. Once we got home from the workshop and were back on our separate coasts, we talked nonstop, mostly about horror, recommending movies to each other, along with stories, books, creepy Wikipedia articles, and reviews of extreme haunted houses.We talked about cowriting our own horror movie — no, even better, we’d write a pilot for a horror TV show.but mostly I’d just write, which was all I’d ever wanted.The plan was a masterpiece of egalitarian communication, and I’d hammered out the details of our future with him, piece by piece.The experience was brutal and draining to the both of us, but we kept trudging forward, living off the hope that once he was finished, everything would be different.We had a plan: when he was done with his degree, we were going to leave horrible grim Boston and move out to LA, where the sun shone all the time and you could go to the beach year-round.The movie is a training session: each scene building, showing you a little more, a little more, in preparation for the brutal revelation, the full reveal.At the climax of the movie, you sit still, white-knuckled hands gripping your armrests, eyes wide open, and you force yourself to see.But to watch a successful horror movie is to engage in a well-choreographed dance with your own suffering.A well-constructed horror movie makes you flinch and gasp; it gut punches you so hard you feel a little sick, then torments you by allowing you to relax for a few sweet seconds even though you know it won’t be long before it reaches out and grabs you by the throat again.


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