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People put too much focus on the things that are not nearly as important as the things that are actually important.

When one does not go out there chasing the wrong things, it allows the opportunity of the right things to come to one’s own self.

When Mitch brings up death to Morrie, Morrie explains how preparation and acceptance illustrate importance to dealing with the fact that we all are going to die at some point.

“Everyone knows they’re going to die, but nobody believes it.” (80).

Also, that person begins to not waste precious time and instead uses their time wisely without reflecting back on their life.

Hopefully, by accepting death and preparing for it, people will start to find that “meaning” in their…

Like Morrie said, “Once you learn how to die, you learn how to live.” (82).

A statement such as this divulges the truth because when you finally accept the nearness of death, one starts focusing on the things that really matter.

We get good learning experience, the self confidence, motivation and the will to do the best. That is why I always regard my primary school life memories as the treasure for my life.

It is the school life that blesses with best ever friends for the rest of our life. I have the best friends today and the learning experience that I got from my high school.


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