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He notices she lights up when she talks about her art and music.He tells her that it seems like she feels happy when she thinks of her past, but the feeling seems to disappears when she thinks about her life now. Diamond Geriatrics was hired to help 85 year old Ethel move from her home of fifty years.

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Compliments send a very positive message, and give people purpose, especially older adults.

If there is a senior who has positively impacted you, please make a point to spend time with them; it will bring a smile to their face.

The ramification is often that the physical or emotional (or both) condition of the older person will worsen.

Accurate listening is a simple and yet difficult skill.

We know we have listened successfully by the response we get.

The person smiles or looks relieved and says, “that’s right.” Accurate listening helps to: In order to really listen, we need to be willing to solve problems with someone, not for them.

The Counsellor said, “I can see how it would make you sad to even think about leaving your home after living here so long.” That gave Ethel permission to talk, but she didn’t need to talk about moving.

What she needed to talk about was what her home meant to her, what it would be like to leave it, and about all the things she would miss.

So even if a senior’s hearing or memory isn’t what it was in the past, it’s important to remember that our elders have great wisdom to impart. Seniors have a lot to contribute to society through their life experiences, so seeking counsel from an elder is time well spent. In our busy lives, it’s easy to forget just how much it will mean to a senior if we take time out of our day to say “hello.” 3. Typically, adult children want to know the following information about their family members: Career highlights (e.g., significant work achievements, favorite job) Family history (e.g., genealogy, origins of the family) Life advice (e.g., view on aging, words of wisdom to share with children and grandchildren) Medical history (e.g. Eating together is one of the greatest social customs for mankind.

Its one thing to read about Pearl Harbor, but it’s more engrossing to hear about it from someone with first-hand knowledge. health issues common with family members, life-threatening disease diagnosis) Personal history (e.g., childhood memories, dating history) Very much like a puzzle, . While nourishing your bodies, you also get to catch up and have fun. Whether our seniors are retired and no longer have their work social schedule, or they’ve lost their spouse and some friends, many seniors seek personal conversations.


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