Essay On Merits And Demerits Of Advertisements

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The study reveals that a vast majority of consumers see advertising as playing a key role in the economy: 80% of the world’s consumers believe that advertising helps create jobs and 72% say advertising contributes to economic growth.

About 68% of the respondents believe it helps to reduce prices by stimulating competition.

Consumer’s choice is greatly injured by the advertisement.

Advertisement restricts the competition among the products.

Industry says that it is basically an argument against capitalist approach to marketing.

Children cannot make informed choice or cannot differentiate between real life and the life portrayed in the world of ad.A clear majority of consumers across all markets also understand the importance of advertising and sponsorship as a critical source of funding for sports, the arts and the media.It is just that much advertising gets lost in the noise of competing brands, and some advertising merely adds to the noise.But just as she is about to exit, the phone rings and her employer gets to know.According to K V Thomas, Minister, Govt of India, Piramal Healthcare ad – ‘getting complete energy in 8 days or moneyback’ , Airtel Digital TV on ‘Free Regional Pack for life’ and ‘fair skin’ by FMCG producers were misleading.It reduces people or objects into classes based on inferences that are made from an individual or social context, like “all professors are absent-minded”, “all blonds are dumb”, etc.Industry says that they merely reflect society’s attitudes.Economists see advertising as inflating the price, religious leaders blaming it for materialism, sociologists blaming it for lowering values of society, and politicians think of it as waste of scarce resources.Nielsen’s annual ‘Trust in Advertising’ study shows that consumer trust in advertising is not 100%.The new Series of 13 TV ads promoting Tata Docomo’s network connectivity with a tagline ‘no getting away’ – released across national channels – is being criticized for “showing class bias”, “cozying up to harmful social prejudices”and being indecent.A mad finds a mobile phone while cleaning the house and hides it inside her blouse.


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