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Students, along with their class teachers, boarded the buses at am and reached the Eco Park by 10 am.

We arrived and stretched ourselves and then quickly the children lined up enthusiastically to take a walk through the park.

The amount of fun we have on school picnics is simply unmatched. Here are essays on My School Picnic of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exam.

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By the end of the morning each of us had a stuffed bag of produce to carry home!

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When we returned to School at 1 pm, the children headed straight to their classrooms and chatted continuously and animatedly about the morning activity!The air was fresh and crisp and it felt blessed to be so close to nature.The children were delighted to sight the park’s rabbits, roosters, ducks and turtles.They are so epic because one has all their friends and does crazy things that one doesn't expect never gets tired of them and never EVER fall asleep. The most amazing and superb events that have ever occurred in my life are my School Trips : P I really miss how we enjoyed too much ... There we saw a big temple built where five rivers origine. Our teacher explained us what an origin of a river is then we visited the famous Venna Lake. We enjoyed the strawberries and raspberries very much. Last week my school arranged a picnic of two days for my standard. At half past six, we got into the bus and left for Mahabaleshwar. Students were divided into groups and directed to the vegetable area to pick their preference.We were told that the tomato and cauliflower weren’t yet full grown.


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