Essay On Our Society Today

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This paper will focus on the perspectives of Pappano and Putnam as they try to explain the concept of interpersonal disconnections.

Pappano holds that technological innovation is one of the factors that can trigger interpersonal disconnections.

Putnam (2001) has used the term to depict how essential elements of society life, for instance, interpersonal trust and social networks present the means for people to work together on mutual problems.

Social capital involves psychological and sociological factors that have inferences to political functioning.

Not all people are successful in this and most of themselves becomes lonely and involves themselves in other activities such as reading or watching movies.

Pappano observes that the culture of shopping has changed drastically and most people prefer to do distance shopping for materialistic purposes.According to her, as technology advances, new communities are created from the existing ones; people tend to distance themselves from one another as they seek for a common ground.They group themselves into different social classes with common interest and aspirations.This has continued to widen the gap that exist between the haves and have not thereby leading to interpersonal disconnection.Shopping has become a way of valuing relationship, people no longer shop just to acquire goods and services but to form a basis for negotiation (Pappano, 2001).It is this concentration on social views and practices away from politics that makes hypothesizing on social capital and civic culture so important in forming an assessment of the association between models of media use and commitment in civic life.The understanding of taking part in community projects, volunteering, and participating in other communal activities strengthens norms of compulsion and teamwork, cheering further involvement in community life (Putnam, 1995a, 1995b).Similarly, social trust grown in small group relations is considered to function as a heuristic that is useful in decisions to partake in large-scale communal action efforts Remarkably, Putnam’s apprehension with the collective decline in social capital argues for the centrality of community practices, interpersonal trust, and life satisfaction in studies of civil society.He emphasizes that involvement and trust have declined, equally contributing to the wearing away of community life (Putnam, 2001).According to him, people use the internet for social recreation, for instance playing games, and chatting with friends.This creates a negative effect on how people engage themselves in civil activities and can even reduce trust in other people.


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