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The key issue is whether to prioritize preserving or protecting the natural environment or filling the people’s need for wood, animal, and other natural......?[Your full full July 01, Protecting the Environment & Feeding the World Privatization of wateror greater engagement of corporations in solving environmental problems is one of the greatest issues for many of the European countries these days.

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There are two different points of view regarding privatization of water.

Some experts believe that privatization is good to solve environmental problems whereas some experts are totally against this step and are in favor of anti-privatization movement.

This research paper attempts to discuss the importance of environmental conservation, cleanliness of habitats, and protection against environmentally caused diseases, creating awareness about the environment and methods used to safeguard against environmental degradation. In this review, we would be discussing the following salient features to ensure a better understanding towards protecting our environment.

Problems of Air Pollution – Air pollution has always been a hazard where health is concerned because it has a great impact on all living things.

Protecting the environment is crucial to healthy living in the society and since humanity is the principal user of nature, it is vitally important to ensure our environment is protected well enough, to conserve our natural resources, and to control various hazards that may have adverse impacts on all living things.

The conservation of our natural resources and curtailing of environmental degradation is crucially important to promote a healthy lifestyle for people in any society.It was more formal to give this information to both environmentalists and people from different fields as a way to disseminate information pertaining to......THE POPULATION ENVIRONMENT DEBATE: During the last century, and the current, there are a number of arguments and counter arguments in relation to the effects of population to the environment.The WHO gives us the top ten causes of death by air pollution in their Fact Sheet No.310 discussing the impact of air pollution on human health and the environment.In the final analysis, the behaviour of business organizations can be such that it exploits the earth’s natural resources or have little or no regard for the environment in the manner in which goods and services are produced or disposed of.Evidence of environmental damages indicates that current environmental protection frameworks are not......?(WHO, Fact Sheet, The Top 10 Causes of Death.) a) Problems of Water Pollution Water pollution is a human problem and one that needs to be streamlined.In his article on water pollution, Chris Woodford highlights the fact that water pollution has become worse, ever since the Industrial Revolution and this has impacted upon the water resources on our planet.My stand regarding the issue is that the role of corporations and businesses in managing environmental resources is very favorable because it solves water shortage problems for the poor people. The policies that were followed by the Brazilian government, thus, have enabled the protection of the environment, without compromising upon the goals of development that are important for a developing country like Brazil.This again goes to prove that the protection of the environment is dependent on the decisions of a government in the today’s age where the protection of the environment has turned into an issue that is as much of a political one as it is an ecological one.


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