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This chapter provides an overview of entrepreneurship and innovation as it relates to sustainable business.

The discussion is most relevant to sustainable businesses focused on offering new products and services in response to societal concerns.

The third is the organizational ability to combine various production factors together of high efficiency. Thus, it could be seen that the quality of the entrepreneurs is a comprehensive quality and it is a comprehensive evaluation of the strategic management capabilities of entrepreneurs.

The quality of the entrepreneurs is not born, let alone the corporate leaders would naturally have this quality.

Half a cup of water in their view is half-full rather than half-empty and failure for them is just a resting place rather than the quagmire that they could not get out just because they learn to face problems optimistically and positively in the experience of difficulties and setbacks rather than choose negative and pessimism.

In fact, the operation and management of enterprise is very complex system engineering but also long-term or dateless system engineering. The management of the business is related to strategy development, team building, and system improvement, sorting out of various relationships and execution improvement and so on.Any gorgeous system and plan will become a mere formality and empty talk with a lack of executive force to implement.As Feng Lun said, “the greatness comes from hard work”.Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This is not an example of the work produced by our Essay Writing Service.Entrepreneurs are senior management personnel who take on the effective organization and management of land, capital, labor and other production factors with the spirit of adventure and innovation.The quality of entrepreneurs is not innate but it can be acquired through the training and experience which should include four aspects: the first is visionary.In the eyes of common people, the entrepreneurs are the small number of respected elites with high social position.Therefore, for a long time, the popular view is that: the entrepreneurs can not be taught or learn well by themselves for the quality is born.However, as more and more successful entrepreneurs are emerging, new features are added to the increasingly long list, and some “theoretical workers” who “select” successful entrepreneurs by entrepreneur genetic theory also begin to get into trouble.Today, the “myth” that “entrepreneurs are born” has been denied by more and more people.


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