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The present century has witnessed a rapid progress in our understanding the mechanism of inheritance among organisms.Thus the branch of Biology, called Genetics, has developed fast.

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He is obviously the dominant living being on the planet at present.

His dominance, as we shall realize it in course of these essays, is quite different from and much more pronounced than the dominance of dinosaurs in the Mesozoic Era (i.e.

Despite this, early humans created a wide array of surprisingly effective tools to help them survive.

One of early man's greatest inventions was the projectile point.

the period of reptiles, which ended about 70 million years ago, and the duration of which is estimated to have been nearly 140 million years), or that of mammals in the early part of the Caenozoic Era (i.e.

the current geological era, which started about 70 million years ago).The concept of evolution became generally accepted among people of science, following publication of the book, and in the next few years the entire science of biology underwent a rapid remoulding on the basic theme of organic evolution.Charles Darwin wrote also a small book, "Descent of Man", which was published 12 years after the appearance of "Origin of Species".While wooden arrows with simple sharpened points did often have the penetrating power of arrows tipped with points, the broad edge of the flint arrow tip caused more tissue damage, which resulted in the prey bleeding out and dropping more quickly.For many years archaeologists thought that the sole point of flint knapping was to produce sharp arrow points for arrows or spears.They often disregarded the larger pieces, until it was realized that these large palm sized chunks were themselves useful for tasks like scraping hides.They were also used to create composite weapons like axes.In the often harsh climatic conditions early humans encountered, the need to stay warm was often as important as food, if not more so.For this reason, humans began early on to try to assemble the crude hides they wore into more airtight garments.Growth of Genetics has helped a better understanding of the mechanism of evolution, as evolution is only descent with modification.This situation plus continued pondering among biologists on how Man differs from the remaining animal species has led to the realization that, while Man represents culmination of an evolutionary line among the mammalian order Primates, he has come to acquire during his evolution such unique features as make him stand quite apart from the rest of the Animal Kingdom.


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