Essay On Violence Is Never Justified

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The terrorists believe that if they bomb the White House and kill the President, the Bush administration will fall, and the wars in the Middle East will end.

There may be some who agree with these terrorists, and believe that they are justified. Bush is responsible for the deaths of thousands, so his death is warranted.

Maybe then, a word other than terrorism should be used in this instance.

Maybe a better word, based on this definition, would be revolution.

Section 2 outlines in broad relief some of the major historical views on the morality of revolution and demonstrates how far short of a comprehensive account of just revolutionary war they fall.

Section 3 lays out seven morally relevant differences between revolutionary wars and interstate wars that a theory of just revolutionary war should heed.

But these systems were put in place to protect an individual from harm, and protect those individuals’ personal rights. Ross suggests that we have a moral obligation, a “prima facie” duty to “non-maleficence”.

The knowledgeable death of innocents can never be justified. It is our ultimate responsibility to not harm others.

Terrorism, as defined by Webster’s, is the unlawful use or threat of violence especially against the state or the public as a politically motivated means of attack or coercion.

Terrorists use violent tactics in an effort to create political change, threaten or induce fear in the public and/or government, raise media attention or further their political cause.


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