Essay Prompts For Night By Elie Wiesel

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During the day I studied the Talmud, and at night I ran to the synagogue to weep over the destruction of the Temple. As a young boy of twelve, his way of life was deeply shaped by his religious sensibilities.His beliefs ran so deep that he would always weep when praying without knowing why. As his life went on, a horrible act of humankind not only destroyed his family, his way of life, his people, but also his conception of God.When asked why he prayed he responded, I dont know why. It is this destruction that he focuses on and explains as only a person who has lived through such a horror can.

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His memoirs focus on this turn away from God and why a young boy of twelve no longer believed.

Elie Wiesel did not need to try and prove a point in this book.

"The opening suggests that Wiesel wants us [the readers] to read the story in the light of this picture of Eliezer as a religious seeker" (Estess, "Journey" 2).

Wiesel starts his book in this manner to prove how important God is, and show how improbable it is for him to lose his faith.

People like Elie Wiesel have shared their experiences with us. All of a sudden he was not allowed to worship in public. Families still continued to meet in houses to worship.

This allows any person who reads this book to experience the horror through words. Then life became a little rougher and the Jews were moved out of their homes.Wiesel shows the reader the major role that God plays in his life, by starting his memoir with Moche, the beadle.Moche is Wiesel's teacher in the mysteries of the Kabbala, and other secret matters of the Jewish religion.It is expected that the Holocaust survivors would lose faith in God, their determination to go on living, and their reliance in others because of the horrific experiences that they faced day to day.It is understandable that a Holocaust survivor questions his faith in God when Jews are chanting the prayer of death for themselves.It also allows one to evaluate how a person, who loved his God so much that he would weep without knowing why, could turn his back on his God. Even though during this time there was little food, they still maintained religious practices such as fasting.Elie and his family had deep religious convictions.A person would question living when he sees the demise of loved ones and fellow Jews right before his eyes.When starting to give up on all hope of life and God, it would be anticipated that one would no longer trust others, especially when they are fighting each other for their own survival.It is a memoir of his life and an experience that the whole world will never forget.A person need not have lived during World War II to imagine the horror or to hear the stories from those who suffered.


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