Essay Technology Has Changed The Lives Of Teenagers

Essay Technology Has Changed The Lives Of Teenagers-70
Then, the network will do all the dirty work and link them to all people they went to school with.Apart from just socializing, the social networks have become frontiers for the corporate world to advertise their goods and services.

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Even the corporate world has jumped into the bandwagon and companies are very active online, posting updates and answering queries.

There are many social networks to choose from; some of the popular ones include Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

As the popularity of social media keeps on spreading all over the world, there have been mixed feelings about these networks and how they impact the youth. To answer this question, we have to look at both the positive and negative impacts of social media on the youth.

Going with the former first, social media has reduced the world to a global village.

Popular young people can be hired by corporations to be their brand ambassadors online.

In addition, they can earn a considerable amount of money by running podcasts and vlogs.Family dynamics have been challenging since the first teenage cavegirl rolled her eyes, telling her mom "ugh." Today's lingo is LMAO, TTYL, BFF, OMG, and L8R; and kids aren't the only ones doing it.Add Facebook, DS, Wii, i Pad, and Twitter to the vocabulary, and the nuclear family is virtually unrecognizable, pun intended.Secondly, social media give them the avenue and opportunity to make new friends and also allows them to maintain their old friends.With social media, they can trace their former friends by simply typing their names or just indicating the school they attended.They may either do it directly or pay celebrities to advertise their products for them.Therefore, social media offers an array of opportunities for youth.When they wake up, the first thing they check is their social media accounts.Before they go to sleep, the last thing they check are the updates.Young people are exposed to gore images of murder victims, accidents, rape cases or even video footages of gun shootings, violence, verbal outbursts, nudism and explicit sexual content.All these kinds of gore content are in the domain of young people and when consumed for a long time can lead to serious mental breakdowns.


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