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The second meaning, the implicit meaning, is subtlety suggested amongst the images and requires some thought to grasp.Through the use of implicit and explicit meaning, the movie box creates interest and intrigue.

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Each moment the main characters spend together is filled with passion, and the excitement of finding new love.

Titanic is a superior film in the areas of acting, scenery, and story line though it is a bit long.

The scenery really sets this film apart from other romantic dramas, because it magnifies what the actors are portraying.

The acting and scenery would mean nothing to this film if they were not accompanied by an astounding story line.

The cover is composed of images that tell the audience right away what they can expect from the movie.

Initially catching the audience's eyes is Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet pictured at the top of the box.

Let me put your worries to rest by telling you this movie is an invigorating, heart wrenching, and thrilling film that will surely go down in history as a classic.

If you find romance to be revolting this is certainly not the film for you.

Under the title states the film has won eleven academy awards including best picture.

The purpose of stating this fact is to inform the audience how critically acclaimed the movie is, and perhaps creating more interest than compared to not having the claim on the box at all. This suggests that even though they are in love something might be holding her back from fully embracing him.


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