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Time eventually helps these intense emotions subside, and there's no need to feel guilty about starting to feel better.

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They also provide ways for the community to support the bereaved.

A person who is bereaved is in a period of grief and mourning after a loss. Rituals and customs provide a sense of routine and normalcy.

For example, people may find death more bearable if they believe in a life after death.

In some cultures, people believe that the spirit of someone who has died directly influences the living family members.

A close friend can be a good listener and a source of comfort and support, even if they haven't gone through this themselves.

There are lots of other sources of advice and support available, including: During a time of grief you may not feel like looking after yourself, but it's important to help you cope with the extreme emotions that come with bereavement.Talking about your grief is an important part of getting through a bereavement.Choosing who to talk to about your feelings is a very personal decision.Culture is the mix of beliefs, values, behaviors, traditions, and rituals that members of a cultural group share.Each culture has its own rituals that influence the expression of grief.They provide a set of directions that help structure the time surrounding death. Rituals and customs can help address: People often adapt the beliefs and values of their culture to meet their unique needs and circumstances.As a result, grief responses within a culture vary from person to person.The family members are comforted by the belief that their loved one is watching over them.In general, beliefs about the meaning of death help people make sense of it and cope with its mystery.Sometimes the most unlikely person can actually offer the most support.If you've lost a family member, someone else in your family may also be good to open up to because they're likely to understand how you're feeling.


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