Essays On Air And Space Power Vol. Ii

Essays On Air And Space Power Vol. Ii-29
I would like to reiterate that the Future Vector Study is Joint in nature.The study focuses on Air and Space Power from all domains and includes the capability and competency requirements of all Services.

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This article addresses the importance of reinvigorating the innovative spirit that historically has marked the American people, particularly aviation pioneers.

The precise application of combat power from the air has been of strategic importance to the Alliance since NATO’s inception.

Time and again, NATO and its Member Nations have turned to Joint Air Power as the first, and in some cases only, military response option.

Air Power, now coupled with Space Power, continues to demonstrate its inherent ability to ‘go over not through’ with attributes of speed, reach, flexibility, and precision.

These combined qualities provide NATO and National political leaders with a tool of unmatched responsiveness and flexibility, supporting the political-strategic objectives of both the Alliance and its Member Nations.


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