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Brain state regulates and controls the body’s activities, receiving and decoding sensory impulses and communicating information to the muscles and body organs.

The brain employs the ability to live and function. b) Why might it be important and suggested to study the relevant history prior to studying a subject of "mind/body"?

A dualist would dispute the “monist-materialist” approach that matter and , and then we captivate with our attitude.

Your attitude is a combination of body language, and facial expressions.

The question, “Could we ever 'download' you into a computer or make an exact digital duplicate of you,” is the topic that I have decided to write about, and I will attempt to prove that the capability of this is implausible.

Arguments that I will use to prove my point will include six parts to support my claim are as followed.

By this he means that we see and examine the body as if the person were dead.

" patient is often treated in a cadaverous or machine-like fashion" (page 121).

Not because it is the correct way to make a diagnosis or that those little details do not matter.

The topic chosen was from the Mind Unit, and though there were several topics to choose from, the most interesting topic that I found of interest was in regards to computers.


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