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In India, the epoch-making Indian National Movement could gain momentum and shake the very roots of the British Raj only when the youth were harnessed in it.Over a decade ago, Mao Tse Tung, the famous Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party, relied upon youth power to usher in a great Cultural. The Chinese youth enacted a memorable drama of national reconstruction. Large parts of West Europe and North America were swept across by massive waves of youth and student power. claiming to be the fathers of tomorrow, should be the salt of the nation.They can introduce the modern outlook to agriculture and industry and bring about the ‘Green’ and the ‘White’ revolutions, India’s youth policy aims at promoting govern­mental and non-governmental effort in implementing various programmes.

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They can do something to broaden the ‘horizon’, of the village-folk.

Social emancipation and reconstruction involves tackling the dowry menace, illiteracy rumoring of caste and clan prejudices, checking corruption, elimination of untouchability and other discriminatory practices, besides child marriage and ill-treatment of widows.

The leadership is in the hands of senile octogenarians, power-hungry and unwilling to make way for the younger generation.

Fortunately, India now has a young Prime Minister in Shri Rajiv Gandhi.

In India several top-ranking leaders have paid homage to youth power and have regarded it as an inexhaustible reservoir of human resources. If the salt loses its flavor, wherewith shall it be salted?

” The elders, including statesmen, expect India’s youth to do vote their energies to the task of reconstructing India in accordance with the long accepted ideals.The entire political system is infested with oppor­tunism, nepotism, corruption, deception, fraud, intrigues and shrewd tactics.Most of the political parties have no clear far-sighted goal and no well-thought-out programmes of national reconstruction.The basic purpose of this scheme is to enable such youth to help the process of rural deve­lopment and popularize national objectives.At these centres, voca­tional training is imparted for self-employment and social service.It is an undeniable fact that the youth constitute a vast reservoir of energy, especially in a country like India with a popula­tion of more than 100 crore.Out of this total, those falling in the 15-30 age group constitute 40 percent.This begins with uplifting the rural masses in particular from the state, of stagnation as a result of the shackles of decayed traditions and superstitions senseless customs, ruthless exploitation by the greedy landlords and ineffective and retrograde official programmes.In the social arena, the youth can help the rural masses who are gripped by the wily village leaders, crafty priests and other reli­gious men who revel in supper situations.Admittedly, the young men and women of today are disgrunt­led and frustrated on many counts.The internal strife, graft all round, double talk, frauds, chicanery, political opportunism, decep­tion, deep-rooted corruption and an air of distrust among the young and the old are among the causes of unrest among India’s youth.


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