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When Victor was old enough, Arnold left and went to Arizona where he stopped drinking.The main thing that I have learned from this movie is that living with guilt is a horrible thing.Arnold lived with the guilt of knowing that he killed Thomas's parents.

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Smoke Signals Smoke Signals is basically about a guy named Victor and his relationship with his father or lack there of.

Story telling is a part of the Native American tradition that Thomas has really taken to heart.

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In the movie, Arnold was only doing what he thought was right.

He knew he was hurting his family by drinking; he thought that by leaving his family, not only would a burden be lifted off of their backs, but his also.

The plot would focus more on Victor if Thomas wasn't narrating in bits.

That technique also emphasizes the importance of the oral tradition in Native American culture.

The stories are frequently about or concerning Victors father.

The stories hit a nerve for Victor, and I don't think Thomas notices it.


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