Essays On The Rise Of Fascism

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capitalists, industrialists, labourers, landlords, peasants, artisans and stood for proper guidance to all ; (v) it favoured aggressive foreign policy and regarded war as an instrument of national interest.

In late October, 1922, Benito Mussolini followed a column of 30,000 “Black Shirts” into Rome, where he was greeted with an automobile furnished by the King of Italy himself, Victor Emmanuel III.

The main principles emphasized by the Fascists were (i) democracy was not suitable for the country because it widens the gulf between the poor and the rich.

The country could make progress only under one leader; (ii) the interests of country must get precedence over individual interests; (iii) quality was more important than quantity and the Fascists leaders who embodied the will, sentiments and emotions of people were symbols of nation’s pride; (iv) it favoured equal control over all sections of society viz.

She was not happy with the terms of peace settlement because she was not given what had been promised to her by the Treaty of London concluded during the war.

At the peace conference as the interests of Italy and Yugoslavia conflicted the Allies preferred to favour Yugoslavia. Hampden Jakson has summed up the position thus “Italians felt themselves disgraced in the eyes of the world, swindled by their own politicians.People thought that under the circumstances only a strong and powerful government could take the country forward.The situation was fully exploited by the Fascists under the leadership of Mussolini and they fed the people with the idea of providing a strong truly national government. Fourthly, the faulty system of franchise prevailing in the country also greatly contributed to the rise of Fascism in Italy.Even many of those who supported his anti-communism feared Mussolini’s militaristic rhetoric.Common to these accounts is the certainty that fascist success depended upon appeals to the Italian middle class and veterans of the First World War.The Kansas City identified Mussolini’s fascism with the by-then familiar concept of “100 per cent Americanism,” while joining a host of other observers in praising the Fascist’s unmatched anti-communism and supposed returns to individualism, the rule of law, and respect for private control of property.Papers like the Fort Worth reacted to Mussolini’s rise to power with measured unease rooted in fears of another general European war sparked by Italian conquests along the Adriatic.Thirdly, the Russian revolution was also inspired the Italian leaders. Under the existing system of franchise numerous political parties entered the Parliament.The Italian Socialist leaders tried to fully exploit the extremely bad eco­nomic conditions prevailing in the post world war period and tried to transplant the Soviet system in Italy. The members of these parties often discussed irrevalent issues and did not pay attention to the public welfare.They use illegal means because the constitutional powers do not deal with the situation. One million men obey him without ever questioning his orders. 20.—Benito Mussolini, Italy’s Man of the hour, is planning for the future, when the Fascisti, which he leads, comes into political power, according to him.“’Discipline—and Work’ Aim of Italy’s Man of Hour and Fascisti Head”By the United News. The Fascisti, at a word from Mussolini, have laid down their arms and are organizing as a political party.


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