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If an adverb modifies an adjective, it is placed before this adjective.However, when it is modifying a verb, it is placed after this verb.To avoid problems with such words you need to understand the meaning of adjectives and adverbs fully.

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Another confusing thing is the exceptions, and you have no other choice to learn them by heart.

The thing that always confuses the students is the misuse of adjectives and adverbs such as good and well.

Using adjectives and adverbs in academic writings could be a challenging task for some students.

There are so many rules, and exceptions that make this task not so easy and lots of learners definitely are struggling to find the instruction that answers the question of how to use adjectives and adverbs in essays.

However, you need to differentiate these words to use them correctly.

Adjectives are the words that describe the pronouns or nouns. Most usually they are placed before nouns, but in some cases, they are placed after the nouns or after the verb to be.If you are struggling to find good adverbs and good adjectives for English essays, you can look through the following examples.They are the most commonly met in the academic papers, and you might find them useful for your essay.Such words usually answer the questions: What kind? Adjectives can also be used when the author is struggling to describe a situation or an idea.For such cases the structure “it is adjective” is applied.Comparative form is used to compare two things or people and can be formed in two different ways.The first one requires adding –er to the word with one syllable.One of the most confusing thing in using the adjectives and adverbs relates to their ability to create a comparison.However, if you carefully discover the rules and all the specifics of creating comparative and superlative forms, you can make it easy for you., you need to be sure that you know what these words are.It is important to be acknowledged with their meaning to be sure that you place them in the right context.


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