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Through the I-Inquiry project, students developed a whole range of essential life skills.

Through the I-Inquiry project, students developed a whole range of essential life skills.These included time management and organisational skills, as students were required to work on the project both at home and at school; independent inquiry, exploring different sources to create their planet; as well as helping develop a creative mindset.Equally, parents are actively encouraged to read with students as much as they can, and for as long as it’s enjoyable.

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We strongly believe that setting homework for the sake of it doesn’t benefit children or prepare them in a robust way for their next steps.

It can also be a cause of family stress and tension, and potentially even hinder the wellbeing of the student.

The Lower School intranet hosts ‘talk topics’ which link in with lessons and can be discussed at home around the dinner table or during car journeys.

We also include extra-curricular activities which tie in to each unit, such as visiting a museum, art exhibition, or hands on activities.

This kind of homework assumes that every student is the same, that each has the same maturity, concentration and ability level. Children are already at school for some seven hours a day and ‘busy work’ simply eats up their free time, which they could be better spending with their families, or taking part in extra-curricular activities to refresh their minds and bodies.

Facts On Homework

Younger students especially should be encouraged to use time after school for unstructured play and developing their own creativity.

If students have struggled with a specific task, parents can notify the teachers, enabling teachers to give more targeted support in these areas.

In Finland, students are generally assigned virtually no homework; they don’t start school until age seven, and the school day is short.

Despite this, Finland is considered to have one of the leading education systems in the world.

Finnish students achieve some of the world’s best international PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) test results; in 2016 achieving fourth place in reading compared to the UK in 22nd place, and 12th place in maths, compared the UK in 27th place.


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