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The provisions of the Federal Emergency Relief Act of 1933 provided that authorization for FERA would expire in two years from the date of inception.The most pressing problem for FERA at first was to build up adequate local relief organizations.Even more important, FERA established the doctrine that adequate public relief was a right that citizens in need could expect to received from their government." (J. 309) FERA had three primary objectives: 1) Adequacy of relief measures; 2) providing work for employable people on the relief rolls; and 3) diversification of relief programs.

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Most federal relief efforts had been mired for some time in a quagmire of political and legislative wrangling.

Little aid or direction had actually reached the state level.

As the CWA program drew to a close in March 1934, it was replaced by the Emergency Work Relief Program of FERA.

This program continued and expanded many of the projects begun under the CWA.

Many had lost not only their jobs, but their also their savings and homes and were dependent on relief money from the government to survive.

Businesses and banks had closed, production and sales of goods and services had been severely reduced.

Other projects in Washington were of an agricultural nature.

Among these were a rural electric survey of the state, research on the development of new fruit by-products, research to determine the vitamin C content in Washington apples, a survey of part-time farming, and research on the use of by-products of the fishing industry as feed for the poultry industry.

Impressed, Perkins agreed to take the proposal to Roosevelt, who quickly agreed to the plan.

"When Roosevelt appointed Hopkins as director of FERA, he called him to his office for a five-minute talk.


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