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Either way, it was the wrong answer but I’m sure the teacher grading the tests had a a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.If you were like some kids in school, you probably dreaded quiz days and how prepared you were really depended on how much you studied.

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We don’t know if these kids are just brilliantly ironic or they simply made mistakes.

Maybe it was the stress, or the fact that there was no way out to a question they couldn’t respond, but the answers these kids gave are by far the most hilarious thing you will see today.

Growing up, homework was probably not your idea of a good time.

But now that you’re years removed from take-home questionnaires, you may be able to crack a smile or two at the process—especially if you take a gander at the jokes kids are slipping into their assignments these days.

Whether it’s a lazy case of bad math, a comically dark family portrait, or a too-literal interpretation of the assignment (see above…and below), some students just really know how to tickle our funny bones.

And although these kids are certainly losing marks for such snarky answers, to be entirely honest, we find their, uh, Whoever made the worksheet deserves a little of the blame for this one, because circling a tornado is definitely the most dangerous thing you could do.

We’ve all been kids and we’ve all felt the stress of a school test, and obviously everyone of us gave a fair amount of wrong answers during our career, and needless to say, our teachers probably had a good laugh about them, since the answers we gave were probably hilarious.

Whatever your skill level was, I’m almost sure the wrong answers you gave weren’t as funny as the ones we are going to show you in this post.


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