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Creativity, emotional intelligence and cognitive flexibility are the unique selling points that will make the difference. All of the activities listed have a common element, which is solving a problem. First of all defining and analyzing the problem, followed by determining what to do and deciding how to implement a solution.Now, all of this calls for more fun and games at the workfloor; Team building problem solving activities that foster creativity. The final step is to evaluate what went well and what can be improved.I’ve compiled this list of 8 creative activities to assist in developing those skills that are needed when she hits those frustrating preschooler obstacles.

Popping and screwing the lids on their correct containers exercises those fine motor muscles.

Ensuring the right size/shape lid goes with the right container helps practice both spatial awareness and problem solving skills.

Remember, this is supposed to be fun, so don’t let your child get discouraged.

Hints are fully ok; just try to wait until they are absolutely needed.

As a toddler, my daughter once got stuck in an opened cardboard box.

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She climbed in all by herself, but once inside she couldn’t figure how to maneuver her way out.

Like any good mom, I helped by handing her a crayon and allowing her to spend the next 15 minutes inside the box scribbling her little heart out so I could power clean the living room until she remembered she was stuck.

It’s true, I may have been taking slight advantage of her not-yet-fully-developed problem solving skills, but as a mom of a toddler tornado, you take what you can get 🙂 She’s now a preschooler and her problem solving skills have improved since daily life has provided her with ample opportunities (darn those jacket zippers! That said, I also believe that presenting her with games and activities to utilize her thinking cap has been an important part of her pre-operational development.

Putting it all back encourages (Mom’s) commitment to keeping all plastic containers organized from now on (uh-huh).

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