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The results are rising temperature, melting polar ice-caps and glaciers, rise in sea-level and submergence of coastal land, changes in precipitation patters, increase in extreme weather events like hurricanes and droughts, and ocean acidification.

All of which then impact crops, wildlife, and biodiversity notes NASA.

Land can be polluted when industrial wastes, in many cases hazardous is dumped creating brownfields.

Landfills also contain toxic chemicals that leach into soil, and then groundwater.

Burning fossil fuels, deforestation, land-use change, production of nitrogen fertilizers, and ruminants (e.g., cows) digestion through human activities, are the reasons behind the abrupt global warming reports NASA.

Steps are needed to address the effects of climate change.8 & 9) notes that are caused by POPS can be prevented.Since POPS do not degrade soon and persist for centuries, it is necessary to be vigilant in their use.At least billion a year can be gained through an increase in commercial and farming activities.Cutting agricultural pollution is a necessary element in creating these positive impacts.Moreover, they are a reliable source providing more employment than fossil-fuel based energy, according to Union of Concerned Scientists.Similarly, cars running on alternative release little or no emissions reports Issues in Science and Technology.There are many ways to reduce emissions and prevent air pollution.Use of alternative energy sources that are renewable and sustainable produce little to no emissions and therefore improve health and have less environmental impact.Even renewable resources are at risk as some need long periods to be replenished point out Oregon State University.There is much that people can do, since 50-80% of the land, materials, and water is used for household consumption a 2015 scientific study found.


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