Great Gatsby Research Paper

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He later finds out, through Jordan who is familiar with Daisy, that Gatsby is interested in Buchanan.

He had been hosting extravagant parties hoping that one day Daisy would show up.

As group travel in separate vehicles with the men in Gatsby’s car and the ladies in Tom’s, the men’s car runs out of gas.

They stop over at a fuel station belonging to Tom’s mistress’ husband Wilson, who has also learned of his spouse’s affair with an unknown man.

It talks about various people dwelling in a fictitious town known as the East Egg and West Egg.

Great Gatsby Research Paper Mentoring Minds Critical Thinking Questioning Stems

Jay Gatsby, a rich mogul, was fascinated by Daisy Buchanan and eyed her.

Wilson who is heartbroken, decides that he will go with his mate to another town.

Tom sees that he will lose a wife and a concubine and becomes irritable. Tom becomes unbearable and challenges Gatsby about Buchanan who fails to admit who he loves most.

Nick Carraway moves to West Egg and later goes on to visit her Cousin Daisy and her spouse Tom at East Egg.

He meets people like Jordan, a golfer by profession, who depicts a luxurious life than what Nick is accustomed to.


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