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The notoriously abstruse and difficult maestro of language Ludwig Wittgenstein permeates Harwood’s poems, sometimes by osmosis and sometimes with direct address or reference.No better indication of the depth of Harwood’s intellectual gifts can be demonstrated than by her assertion that she first came upon the philosophy of Wittgenstein as a result of her randomly picking up and “leafing” through a copy of his .Harwood’s controlling idea of the negative aspects of family and motherhood challenge traditional values and she positions the reader to accept these by privileging the mother’s regret.

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That major philosophical work by Wittgenstein is routinely regarded as one of the most impenetrable works of philosophy in existence.

One does not merely “leaf” through that work and spot a soul mate unless one is truly gifted with mastery of the written word as well as more philosophical matters.

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The major subject matter of the poem is an event in the life of a mother.

Whilst taking her children to the park, she encounters an ex-lover and they discuss how their lives have progressed.In the Park deals with the feelings of motherhood – particularly those feelings which are negative in nature and challenge traditional perceptions.The dominant reading of the poem is that for certain women motherhood can be a burden.Sometimes when a woman’s life predominantly revolves around looking after her children, her sense of worth is devalued.In her representations of the theme of motherhood and family, Harwood utilizes subject matter, discourses and poetic devices to challenge traditional perceptions and make her statements more powerful.Harwood was born in Tasmania in 1920, but would not begin publishing poetry for almost another forty years.In the interim, her focus was primarily music and German philosophy.Paper 2 Section III Question 12 - 2001 HSC Write a speech for the opening night of an exhibition of texts entitled: 'Explorations of Power …' Explain how the exhibition represents the interplay between people and power.While many poets can chart the trajectory of their success or recognition along a line leading directly to winning a prestigious literary prize or award, very few go on to have their name attached to such an honor.As the man departs, she returns to her imprisonment of a life with the children.Harwood illustrates that the fact that the mother no longer lives the same life she used to have.


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