Hexagonal Writing Essay

The next step was to pair them up with their neighbour/shoulder partner, and to see if they could combine their hexagons into one bigger mosaic.

Given that they had had to come up with their own initial hexagons, none of them had exactly the same things written on them.

Then, once I had done a quick visual check that they had done this (“Class, hold up your sheets… My role changed in that, rather than directing them to ‘the’ answer, I became a challenge agent.

I could see at a glance what they were trying to put together, and could simply ask them to justify their decisions. The simple act of moving pieces of paper around, but with a reason, became really involving.

Before talking about my week, I do want to just take a second to reply to this tweet that I received: I will be honest that I make no claims to being expert in using it… That will require time and repetition (and how often do we say that to our classes? As I interpret it, SOLO is a means of giving learners the tools by which they can ask their own questions, and drive their own learning.

If this sounds like the Holy Grail of education, then you already appreciate that the fundamentals of teaching learners how to actually learn is one of the most important skills they will need as they grow and develop.

As I mentioned in part one of these reflections, SOLO describes 5 stages in the development of understanding: .

These recognise the 5 stages of learning from knowing nothing through to being able to taking knowledge and hypothesising or creating in an abstract way based on what has been learned.

I have a really interesting mixed class with a number of pupils who do not have English as a first language, some who have problems staying focussed, and others who quite wrongly do not believe they are capable of performing well.

I always have another support teacher (Mrs Jackson) in the class, and because of this, while the majority of the class have been studying Cathy Mac Phail’s novel Tribes, some of the class have been looking at The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore on my i Pad.


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