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Common sense is a good tool that all adults should use. My basic goal is not to make their results perfect, but to help them do everything themselves to find out more about problems and their effective solutions.

Teachers need to be aware that it is easy to overburden and overwhelm a child with dyslexia by expecting the same amount of homework to be completed in the same amount of time as the students without dyslexia.This helps to compensate for spelling errors and illegible handwriting.Some teachers allow students to complete an assignment on the computer and then email it directly to the teacher, eliminating lost or forgotten homework assignments.The following are suggestions to share with general education teachers when giving homework: Write the homework assignment on the board early in the day.Set aside a portion of the board that is free of other writing and use the same spot each day.I allow them to take a lead in explaining everything to me.If I understand what is due and when, I start asking how they plan to get their school work done, and I don’t accept any vague answers. When I become familiar with a homework schedule of my kids, I help them create a realistic plan for all assignments and tests. They’re free to add everything they want to their daily homework routine to take advantage of more flexibility and control. It’s one of the main questions that every parent asks.I asked this question because I wanted my kids to develop their independence in different study matters, and I was afraid that they could face a big problem if I didn’t monitor their assignments regularly. Not all students need additional assistance when working on their university projects if they show a high level of confidence and self-discipline.It’s easy to agree on efficient offers and set specific limits, and the best part is that rules make it faster to complete academic assignments.I stick to this effective routine, go over all the classes with my kids, and ask them to see homework notes or their assignment list.


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