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This question can also show which students think they have it all figured out (and some do), and show which students have low self-esteem and may need encouragement.

If you are asking your students to reflect on their performance, you need to be prepared to reflect on your own.

Students often ask for more time to learn and this has helped me think about student choice in the classroom and flexible time frames for learning. Recently, I got even more specific, and ask them about questions in Pear Deck. While my students don’t love writing slides, they felt that writing slides helped them learn more than any other type of slide.

Sometimes the classroom experiences that students enjoy and helps them learn are the same, but if not, it can be eye-opening for them to think about prioritizing one or the other.

I want to create a classroom environment where students are challenged to reach their potential with appropriate scaffolds in place to prevent this from being a highly stressful experience.

I hope for them to feel uncomfortable in their learning but not anxious or panicked.After my very first survey seven years ago, I had to figure out what a teacher voice was after students complained that I was too quiet and lacked authority.I continue to work on how I explain concepts and ideas in multiple ways for all types of learners.Otherwise, you will get answers like “stars” or “earthquakes.” There is never enough time to spend on metacognition.Students and teachers are often so deep inside the learning experience that taking time to back away and reflect on the big picture is rare.Is this a particularly difficult class for them, are the directions unclear, is the pace too fast?Alternatively, if students cannot name a moment that was difficult, the assignments or learning may not be challenging enough. Lastly, if students all feel successful or were challenged on certain topics, this can help to inform lesson planning and reteaching.After years of surveys, I have tried many questions and question types and have found some that lead to better feedback than others. I like to ask this question, just “What do you want to learn?This post focuses on the reasoning behind those 15 questions. ,” in the first weeks of school to get a feel for student interests and expectations.Sometimes I ask them general questions like the one below; other questions have been very specific about when, where, and how long students work on homework for my class.The following chart shows recent responses about the amount of homework in Earth Science, with 1 being “Not enough homework, I need more practice” to “Too much homework, it’s impossible to get done”.


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