How Is A Newspaper Editorial Like A Persuasive Essay

Your ability to perform that task well,” he says, “depends on your determination to never let your editorial page become the dull place some readers, and some journalists, feel that it is.”Feel free, then, to “burn the gray shawl or the tweed jacket your predecessor left on the back of your office chair,” Mc Cormick says, and write persuasive essays instead.

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He was delivered from that mold by a boss, Tribune Editorial Page Editor Bruce Dold, who told him to “write essays, not editorials.” He used that strategy to win the 2002 Editorial Writing prize from the American Society of Newspaper Editors.

His winning editorials (which you can read at the ASNE website) ranged from the contradictions of praying for peace in Afghanistan while waging war, to a touching tribute for a murdered Chicago police officer.

Publishers utilize the editorial section of their publications as a forum to express their views and try to influence the opinions of the readership.

Regardless of the point of view or length of the editorial, there is a preferred structure for writing one.

This month, we feature a 2002 winner for Editorial Writing, John Mc Cormick., has encountered the voice before. It’s the Editorial Voice as so many editorial writers across the country believe it must be.

It’s a voice Mc Cormick wouldn’t mind muffling.“It’s the Wizard of Oz voice that we think we’re supposed to mimic,” says Mc Cormick, who led a workshop on editorial writing at Poynter’s Persuasive Writing seminar this week. Writing such paper involves defining this term first.You may know that it has to do with sharing an opinion with a large audience.They can be written in a serious tone, filled with sarcasm, or infused with humor.Understanding the basics of editorial writing can help you create a smart, purposeful piece.In academic language, writing an editorial is the process of developing a paper which serves as an opinion piece for newspapers, magazines, and study projects, either print or online.It is the strong way to defend one’s opinion on some issue or topic.The subject matter of an editorial commonly concerns a current issue.Unlike other parts of a news publication an editorial is meant to be biased, somewhat insightful, and often includes persuasive writing techniques. What would be our opponents’ most compelling arguments against our position? Or, by our predictability, our self-satisfaction and our arrogance, are we short-changing our best arguments and driving our readers away? Will our mastery of those attributes today draw readers back to our editorial page tomorrow?


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