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When this is done, any idea, no matter how small or great, will be received by all with open minds and objective thought, because everyone moves in unison to achieve a common goal, to which each and every one commits and adopts as his/her own.

Can you think of ways Barbara could have avoided the problems her team faced in the meeting with the department heads?

d) Department Heads and other employees Scenario Introduction of the empowerment campaign Griffin, the newly hired and dynamic CEO, opened the monthly companywide meeting with a challenge: “As we face increasing competition, we need new ideas, new energy, new spirit to make this company great.

And the source of this change is you ——– each one of you.

Then they dabble in restructuring and now Martin push for empowerment. One step forward Russel and her team presented to the department heads and Griffin, the following innovative but easily achievable ideas implementing the empowerment campaign: permit a manager to follow a product from design through sales to customers; allow salespeople to refund up to $500 worth of merchandise on the spot; make information available to salespeople about future products; and swap sales and manufacturing personnel for short periods to let them get to know another’s jobs.

Garbage like empowerment isn’t a substitute for hard work and a little faith in the people who have been with this company for years. Resistance to change When Griffin excused himself from the meeting because of a late-breaking deal with a major hardware store chain, the proposals made by the team were quickly met with resistance from the department heads: the director of human resource complained that personnel changes would destroy the carefully drafted job categories that had just been completed; finance argued that refunds would created a goldmine for unethical customers and salespeople; the legal department warned that providing information on future products would invite industrial spying.A thorough understanding, appreciation and application of these concepts will be a welcome start for Elektra, in its quest to turn around its sagging performance and ultimately to survive in the long term.What might they do now to get the empowerment process back on track?As in any organization, any act, project or plan that does not have the full support of the employees is “likely or is doomed” to fail, as in this case. With the problems abounding, it is not surprising to see employees morale going down and employees’ creativity being zapped.What could have happened is that management simply rammed up the foregoing measures without being transparent with the employees. If ever new ideas come out, it could have been forced or dictated, not some idea where the author can be proud to own.Under the empowerment campaign, employees will be getting more information about how the company was run and would be able to work with their fellow employees in new and creative ways, proclaiming a new era of trust and cooperation.Perception Many of the other employees, including Simon were less than eager.and it needs to spell out the specifications of the customers as well as the problems encountered from the use of the products, to manufacturing. Top management must be a firm advocate to becoming a learning organization.On the other hand, manufacturing had to inform sales on the limitations of the machines, the downtimes, the maintenance scheduling and such matters as would affect the production of the desired product. There must be a complete overhaul on how the company’s resources are being managed.Management may have felt the crunch of being “eaten up” by competition and in its desire to recoup its former leading position, introduced measures like downsizing, reengineering, restructuring and now, empowerment.These efforts however did not sit well with the employees as they viewed these efforts as ” one of those management crap or garbage”.


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