Indented Writings On Paper Can Be Revealed By

Indented Writings On Paper Can Be Revealed By-51
And a fundamental difference is a difference in some natural feature of the writing, indicative of the individual's writing habit that cannot be reasonably explained.A signature comparison is the identification of signatures and involves a combination of line quality and letter design.The quality refers to things such as the paper the notes were written on (if it's crinkled, balled up, charred), or if the writing was too light and not easily visible for example.

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There are variations in angularity, slope, speed, pressure, letter and word spacings, relative dimensions of letters, connections, pen movement, writing skill, and finger dexterity.

Other areas associated with writing also further the uniqueness of a given sample - margins, spacings, crowding, insertion, alignment are all personal habits.

Combine that with spelling, punctuation, grammar, diction, etc., and you've got a completely one-of-a-kind document.

One key point for all comparisons is that they must be compared to a similar sample.

There is an in depth examination of the document and everything about it, but it will not reveal if the person who wrote it is your true love!

A forensic document examiner conducts an examination of a document to determine it's authenticity and/or its relationship to a person, thing, event or time.

If all the students are taught this way then they lose the uniqueness.

The conditions for which samples are given, should be relatively similar.

Like fingerprinting, there are no known statistical frequencies for handwriting analysis. There are no clear categories for handwriting to be slotted into because of natural variation; it isn't clear what is being counted (one letter could have more than one significant feature); each feature is not totally independent; and how do you assign values to handwriting features such as spacing, slope, or line quality.

What makes handwriting so unique is that the unconscious writing of two people can never be identical.


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